School Wants Boys to 'Be Classy,' Girls to Cover Their Slutty Shoulders


An Iowa Catholic high school just released the dress code for their end of year “scholastic achievement” assembly, and you’ll be shocked to learn that it’s a tad sexist! The boys of Dowling Catholic School can celebrate their scholastic achievments by being “classy” and removing their facial hair; the girls, though, required four paragraphs of instructions. For some reason. What could it be?

Sexist dress codes are a bit of an epidemic among high schools, especially those of the religious persuasion. Local news station KCCI reports that Dowling students received an invite to the assembly on Thursday. A pissed-off student quickly tweeted the dress code, which is a little… peculiar:

The “gentleman” are fine, so long as they wear dress pants, dress shoes, ties, and somehow manage to remember to put on shirts and scrub their burgeoning face pubes. But evidently there’s an epidemic of wanton harlotry among Dowling’s young women: “Think modesty. Your outfit should attract attention to your achievements, not your body. Choose an outfit that is pretty enough to show that you’re a woman and covered enough to show that you are a lady.” Shoulder covering is so vital that part’s been written in bold.

Once again, nothing weird at all about a bunch of adults scrutinizing the clothing and bodies of teenage girls. Nothing creepy there, no sir. According to KCCI, school president Jerry Deegan released a statement saying the dress code was fine and great:

Dowling Catholic High School prides itself on preparing Christ-centered leaders for life. One aspect of that effort is to have an appropriate dress code for special events and assemblies. Every year, a memo is shared about guidelines for our Scholastic Achievement assembly and Baccalaureate Mass. Understandably, there is more attention given to the recommendation and guidelines for our female students, because there are more styles and options available for them.

Understandably! Dr. Deegan can be reached via email with dress code suggestions here.

Let this totally normal woman show you how modesty is done, Dowling ladies. Image via Shutterstock

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