Scorned Football Fan Embarrasses Her Cheating Boyfriend In Front Of An Entire Nation


Last night during the much anticipated Packers-Bears football game, NBC flashed a shot of a lady Packer fan holding up a sign that read “My cheating ex-boyfriend is watching from couch instead.” The unusual sign made an instant impression on the audience. I happened to be watching the game in Wisconsin, and, as I rushed to take the above snapshot of this genius, everyone in the room was giving her major props for cleverness. By this morning, her bold move was all over the news! High-five for a game well-played. Deadspin has identified the girl as Annie Wagner. So far the cheating cheesehead’s name hasn’t been revealed. He should be very glad she showed some restraint and didn’t put his name on the sign, since he’d probably never be allowed back into Lambeau Field for as long as he lived!

Packers’ Fan’s ‘Cheating Ex’ Sign Getting Attention On TV [Milwaukee Journal Sentinal]

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