Seems Like Travis Barker Thinks Domestic Violence Is Fashionable

The Blink-182 drummer wore a t-shirt that appeared to romanticize an alleged abuse incident between Sean Penn and Madonna.

Seems Like Travis Barker Thinks Domestic Violence Is Fashionable
Screenshot:Travis Barker TikTok

I hope in my truest of hearts that the majority of people in the world don’t look up to Travis Barker morally or sartorially. But the Blink-182 drummer managed to pull off a lewk over the weekend that was offensive on both fronts—multitasking mayhem if you will.

Barker, the new dad to barely three-month-old Rocky Barker, posted a TikTok of him trying to toss rolled-up diapers into some kind of diaper genie across the room. Considering the amount of times he missed, I desperately hope they weren’t too soiled. The activity was innocent enough except that Barker was wearing a t-shirt that read “Bonds of Matrimony” with repeated images of a glamorous woman tied up in a chair, BDSM-style on the front. And on the back, in bold font, it read, “Sean Penn bound & gagged Madonna for 9 hours.”


Your Dad can do anything Rocky 😉

♬ New Home – Frozen Silence

The Keeping Up With the Kardashians subreddit quickly (and rightly) took issue with the casual reference to an alleged horrific domestic dispute that occurred in December 1989 between the then-married couple. Penn, who has been charged multiple times for physically assaulting paparazzi and journalists throughout the years, allegedly entered his wife’s home and tied her to a chair for nine hours, abusing and roughing her up. She managed to escape, drove to the police station, and Penn was charged with felony domestic assault. (The charges were later dropped.) Again, this was allegedly the account at the time, but while there were witnesses like the police sheriff who corroborated these events, both Penn and Madonna have since denied it ever happened.

Regardless if they’re true or not, Barker clearly felt the tale was worth romanticizing on a t-shirt which is fucking disgusting. Also, likening BDSM play—an activity defined by clear boundaries, communication, and pleasure—to salacious headlines about a woman escaping an abusive situation is fucked.

In the TikTok, he finally gets the diaper in the trash bin and gives his wife Kourtney Kardashian Barker a victory smooch. Next time, he oughta just curl himself up and plop himself in the trash bin, too!

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