Selfies at Serious Places Is the Most Cringeworthy Tumblr of All Time


Kids. KIDS. Do not take selfies when you’re visiting the sites of tragic, historically important events. Just don’t do it. Or if you feel like you have to for some reason — maybe you need to prove you were there to win a bet? — try to take the picture without serving duck face or deucing. Keep your face neutral. Keep it polite. In other words, don’t do this:

Or this:

And I know you’re not asking my advice, but it’s also probably not wise to post pictures of yourself eating celebratory ice cream cones following the “not guilty” verdict in one of the most controversial murder trials of the past decade.

But to each their own, I guess. Just know that there’s now a whole Tumblr — Selfies at Serious Places — cataloguing your every error in poor photographic judgement.

[Selfies at Serious Places]

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