Seven-Year-Old Survives Plane Crash, Hikes Through the Woods for Help


A seven-year-old girl survived a plane crash that killed her parents, sister and cousin, then walked almost a mile through the woods in the dark to find help. She’s one tough customer.

Reuters reports that Sailor Gutzler and her family were returning home to Illinois from a trip to the Florida Keys. They were in a small private plane piloted by her father, who reported engine trouble and shortly afterward lost radio contact.

Around 45 minutes later, Sailor appeared at 71-year-old Larry Wilkins’ back door. She’d made her way through the woods, after sunset, in temps too cold for her warm-weather clothing, wearing just one sock. Her wrist was broken, according to the AP. “She navigated downed trees, she navigated briars and bushes,” said Kentucky State Police Lieutenant Brent White. “I go to open the door and this little girl was standing there with a bloody nose, bloody legs and bloody arms,” Wilkins told NBC. “She asked if she could stay here. I said, ‘Honey, what can I do for you?'” he added.

Wilkins cleaned her up and called 911. “She believed that her family was deceased but she hoped they were just sleeping,” said White. She’s already been released from the hospital. “She is one remarkable young lady,” agreed the NTSB’s Heidi Moats, part of the team investigating the crash.

Screencap via NBC News.

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