Sexual Double Standards, As Explained By Jersey Shore Cast


On last night’s episode, Angelina—for some weird reason—lied and said she had sex with a guy just 24 hours after having sex with Vinny, leading the other roommates to expound upon their understanding of sluts vs. studs.

There’s a “smush board” in the house, marking off how many times the girls in the house get laid, as compared to the guys. (Although it’s unclear why “girl” is spelled “gri.”) As you can see, it would seem like the girls are winning, with Angelina apparently in the lead, despite the fact that she actually did not have sex with Jose, and just told her roommates that she did, so she didn’t “have to deal with them bustin’ [her] chops anymore.”

Although her plan backfired, because she immediately became the subject of ridicule, with all the roommates calling her a “whore,” and insisting that the only reason that Jose had sex with her was because he didn’t “care” about her and thought that since she got with Vinny, that she must be easy.

Yet almost all of them readily admit that Angelina’s supposed sluttiness is a “Situation move,” acknowledging that this kind of behavior is acceptable from men but not from women. While they confront the issue of sexual double standards head-on, their argument in support of this kind of thinking isn’t flawed—it’s just totally lacking in any logic whatsoever. The Situation‘s take:

It’s not sad that there is a double standard. Everybody knows there’s a double standard. Everybody loves a guy that gets girls. He’s the man. He’s the pimp. And then everybody doesn’t like a girl that is a ho. And that’s Angelina.

And while JWoww’s thought process isn’t as judgmental, it’s still very much in line with Mike’s in that she just accepts that men and women are supposed to behave differently:

I know it’s a double standard, but you’re bringing guys home left and right. You’re fucking guys left and right that live in this house and don’t live in this house. You’re giving them a reason to humiliate you.

However, Pauly just seemed to be completely hypocritical. Remember when he freaked out when, earlier this season, Angelina was drunkenly giving him shit about how the girl he was talking to in a club had a boyfriend. He became enraged—which the other roommates confirmed was out of character for him—and told her to mind her own business. But when he saw Angelina talking to the guy that Snooki banged, he did the exact same thing to her.

Angelina mentioned in this episode, “I hate that whole thing that a guy can do it but girls can’t.” Her defense of herself—”I’m a single girl”—seems to be an example of cognitive dissonance, since she was extremely hard on Snooki in the first season of the show, calling her a slut after Snooki got wasted and wild in the hot tub during the first night in the house.

But the fact that none of the roommates have called Snooki a “whore”—even though she, too, hooked up with Vinny, has admitted to hooking up with The Situation in between seasons, and slept with a guy she met in Miami—leads me to think that criticisms of Angelina has more to do with how they just don’t like Angelina and would jump on any opportunity to put her down. Case in point: Leaving her dirty pad on the floor.

P.S. The Situation is knocking on 30 and he doesn’t know the difference between a pad and a tampon, leading one to believe that he has actually never had a girlfriend.

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