Shane Dawson Still Has at Least ONE Person in His Corner…

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Shane Dawson Still Has at Least ONE Person in His Corner…
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What’s up, everybody? Welcome BACK to this mess.


How are ya.

If your name is Shane Dawson………probably not well!

The vlogger-turned-nebulous entrepreneur has been having a deservedly shitty week now that all those years of profiting off of blackface, pedophilia jokes (jokes?), and other purportedly edgy content have come back to bite him in the ass (slash wallet).

YouTube suspended monetization on Dawson’s channel, Cosmetics company Morphe removed his Conspiracy eyeshadow palette from its online store, and Target has announced that it will no longer sell his books (that’s bookssss, plural—I want to die!!). Even noted lollipop rolled around on the ponytail factor floor JoJo Siwa has unfollowed him on Instagram. Shit’s not looking good!

But it seems like Dawson still has at least one friend and/or business partner left: Jeffree Star. Madam Tattoo Tentacles’ merchandising company, Killer Merch, announced a restock of Dawson’s line of hoodies on Friday, Insider reports. Jeffree Star Cosmetics will also continue to sell Dawson’s Conspiracy palette—you know, the one that Morphe removed from its store?

I guess Star’s betting on Dawson eventually bouncing back from all this? He must see dollar signs somewhere. There’s literally no way that he’s doing this because he believes in the artistry and integrity of Shane’s designs because…I mean……

Did everyone know that John Krasinski wore a wig on The Office? Sorry if I’m Mrs. Late, but I simply did not know this.

Mashable published an interview with Kim M. Ferry—the NBC sitcom’s resident hairstylist who has worked on a bunch of other shows like Pretty Little Liars, Veronica Mars, and Babylon 5—on Friday in which the stylist reveals how she and Krasinski convinced showrunner Greg Daniels to let the actor wear a wig while filming the end of Season 3 so that Krasinski could shoot another project that would require him cutting his hair.

Daniels was dead set against the idea, thinking that a wig would look too obvious. (I guess he hasn’t met, um, wigs?) But Krasinski and Ferry didn’t give up. Ferry explains:

Krasinski had walked into the office with the wig on and pitched all the reasons why Daniels should let him wear one on the show. “Greg kept saying, ‘No! I would know if you’re wearing a wig.’ So John leaned over the desk and said, ‘No I don’t think you would.’ That’s when he ripped it off and shut it down, and we got to do the wig.”

Like I said, I simply had no idea.

Here’s an unrelated photo of Ferry smearing peanut butter into Steve Carrell’s scalp.

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