Sharon Stone Sues Contractor Because No One Ruins Her Heated Marble Floors and Gets Away With It


Nobody ruins the heated marble floors in Sharon Stone’s house and gets away with it, you hear me?! Nobody! Not me, not you, not Michael Douglas, and especially not Zuma Canyon Construction.

TMZ reports Stone hired the contracting company in 2013 “to redo her master bedroom, master bathroom, kitchen and powder room.” What she didn’t hire them to do was ruin her beautiful heated marble floors. But they did. So she’s suing them.

TMZ continues:

In the suit, she says much of the work on her home was royally screwed up. For instance, she says the controls for her heated floor were installed in the shower … exposing them to water intrusion. More water trouble — Sharon says there was a puncture in the floor of the shower, which led to leaks.

Sure, everyone gets the opportunity to ruin Sharon Stone’s heated marble floors, but you never actually follow through with it! When invited to her home for a catered meal, you don’t sneak up to use her master bathroom (even though she specifically told us to use the guest room), grab the nearest crowbar, rip her beautiful tile to shreds, return downstairs, encounter Sharon staring at you quizzically in the foyer, bolt out the front door, steal Sharon’s car, and drive until running out of gas somewhere outside Santa Barbara.

And if you ever did decide to destroy Sharon Stone’s heated marble floors, you’d probably get city permits first—something Zuma Canyon Construction reportedly failed to do. Stone is suing them for “unspecified damages.”

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