Shia LaBeouf Says FKA Twigs's Abuse Claims Are False, Would Like Her to Pay for the Lawyers Currently Calling Her a Liar

Shia LaBeouf Says FKA Twigs's Abuse Claims Are False, Would Like Her to Pay for the Lawyers Currently Calling Her a Liar

In December, FKA Twigs filed a lawsuit against her former boyfriend and her director in the film Honey Boy, Shia LaBeouf, claiming that over the course of their relationship LaBeouf sexually, physically, and mentally abused her. In response, LaBeouf’s attorneys have countered that his “conduct was not sexual,” and that Twigs should pay the likely hefty legal fees a Hollywood man generally racks up in the effort to silence victims.

In a response to the suit filed by Twigs, as published in part by People, LeBeouf’s attorneys claim, first and foremost, that LeBeouf denies all of the allegations—but also that “none of the acts alleged were based on sex and/or the conduct was not sexual,” whatever the fuck that means.

Twigs has alleged that over the course of their relationship, LeBeouf woke her up in the night by choking her, put a quota on acts of physical affection she was required to perform during the day, once trapped her in a speeding car and threatened her with physical harm if she refused to say she loved him, and became enraged if she looked a male waiter in the eye.

Her account is reportedly similar to allegations made by LaBeouf’s previous girlfriends, including Sia and Karolyn Pho, who confirmed that she also was allegedly forbidden by LaBeouf from making eye contact with male waiters and additionally was pinned to a bed, head-butted, and left bleeding by LaBeouf.

Meanwhile, LaBeouf’s lawyers close their response with a demand that Twigs pony up some cash for making him look bad, according to People:

“The answer ends with LaBeouf asking for judgment to be entered in his favor and for Barnett to be ordered to pay for his legal costs and ‘further relief as the Court may deem just and proper.’”

Back in December, an attorney for FKA Twigs told People that the lawsuit was actually her last recourse, filed only after she’d asked LaBeouf simply to get psychological help rather than putting them both through the media wringer of telling this story publicly. But like most powerful men asked to do the bare minimum to atone for their actions and perhaps spare others harm, LaBeouf apparently chose to trust the legal system to do nothing to help victims, and for the industry to fully forgive him if he can keep his name out of the papers for a bit. Unfortunately, it’s a bet that nearly always pays off for abusive Hollywood men.

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