Sia's New Video With Shia LeBeouf & Maddie Ziegler Is Bananas


Shia LeBeouf’s performance art dreams are totally fulfilled in this clip for Sia’s emotional street banger “Elastic Heart,” which sees him running around in a flesh colored leotard, in a cage, with Maddie Ziegler of reality TV show Dance Moms, who is 12. Ziegler is a better dancer than your mans, of course, but LeBeouf’s clearly been studying the classics, because this video is the perfect split between an OG Fluxus piece and a Martha Graham fever dream, both created as a senior thesis to get into the MFA program at like, SVA.

Okay but it’s pretty, though, even though if I were 12 I would feel creepy about doing this with an old man like Shia LeBeouf. Maddie Ziegler is very talented and clearly going places. (Here, she’s acting as a Sia stand-in, as Sia famously eschews fame.) Also, look out for her on SNL this weekend, where I hope they are writing a skit that spoofs this totally bananas video, Franco-and-Rogen-doing-Bound 2 style.

Sidebar, do Katniss and Peeta really hook up tho? That’s so fucked up man.

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