Silvio Berlusconi Allegedly Likes Nun Stripteases


Another week, another ridiculous revelation regarding Silvio Berlusconi’s “bunga bunga” parties. This week, we learn he likes him some nuns.

The Guardian reports on the statement of one Fadil Imane, a Moroccan woman who says she was invited to one of Berlusconi’s bashes by two of his alleged procurers. She explains,

I went to the party and I met Silvio Berlusconi and the other girls and also there was Barbara Faggioli and Nicole Minetti. In the party room where there was a pole for dancing they both put on dark nun tunics, including the headcover and a red cross.
A DJ who was there played music and they both then performed a sexy striptease, eventually ending up dancing around the pole in their underwear.

You may remember Nicole Minetti as the showgirl-turned-dental-hygienist-turned-politician who is accused of recruiting ladies for Berlusconi’s parties. Costumes have been a bit of a recurring pattern at these, if you believe the allegations — one of them apparently featured women in Santa suits. But the one Imane attended wasn’t all fun and games — in addition to belly-dancing, she says she explained to Berlusconi how “best to negotiate with then Libyan leader Colonel Gaddafi.”

Women ‘Dressed As Nuns For Stripteases’ At Silvio Berlusconi’s Bunga Bunga Parties [Guardian]

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