Skype Co-Founder Sues Ex-Fiancée to Return Enormous Engagement Ring

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Janus Friis, the billionaire co-founder of Skype, is suing his ex-fiancee, a Danish popstar, demanding that she return numerous gifts he gave her, include a $471,000 engagement ring. In the spirit of scorched-earth jilted lovers everywhere, Friis also used the suit to accuse ex-fiancée Aura Dione of “multiple affairs and sexual encounters with other men.”

TMZ was first to break the story last week, reporting that Friis is demanding $1 million in total gifts back, including said ring, which, for people who know stuff about diamonds, probably sounds very impressive: “A 1.76 ct round brilliant cut diamond — D color, internally flawless, excellent symmetry and cut grade,” with “a pair of blue pear shaped diamonds of South African origins with a collective weight of .91 ct.”

Courthouse News reports that Friis is also demanding Dione return a Copehnhagen apartment and other presents that were “conditioned upon their marriage.” Friis alleges that the two were engaged in the summer of 2013, but that Dione “disavowed and abandoned” the engagement by having sex with people who weren’t him.

Interestingly, the day the suit was filed, Dione posted a Facebook status referring to traveling with only “a suitcase and a brokenheart.” The status has been deleted, although a link to it on Twitter remains:

Dione, whose real name is Maria Louise Joenson, hasn’t yet responded to the suit.

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Friis in 2007 and Dione in 2013. Image via AP.

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