SNL Honcho Confirms Women Of Comedy Special, But No Betty White Yet


Contrary to rumor, the campaign to get Betty White to host Saturday Night Live has not yet triumphed, executive producer Lorne Michaels just told me. There will, however, be a separate Women in Comedy special in April with Tina Fey.

Earlier reports suggested White would share hosting duties with Fey, Amy Poehler, and Molly Shannon. But at a Tuesday night event co-hosted by The New Yorker and the Newhouse School, Michaels said White and the special were separate affairs, and that while the show is in talks with White, nothing is certain yet.

Earlier, I’d cornered head writer Seth Meyers, who had shared the panel with his boss and The New Yorker‘s Ken Auletta, and asked about the same thing. “I think it’s happening. We would love to have her,” he said, before deferring to Michaels. Did the Facebook campaign have anything to do with it? “All we do all evening is look at Facebook,” Meyers said. “We’re all about the pickle versus Nickelback.”

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The Campaign To Get Betty White To Host SNL

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