​SNL's Take on Serial Is a Perfect Christmas Mystery


“And then there’s the Nisha call.”

Alright you Serial fans who are kind of disappointed you didn’t get the resolution you wanted but somehow feel fulfilled for spending 10-12 hours learning about a 15-year-old murder case, and more importantly are willing to put up with yet another Serial spoof. Check out Cecily Strong’s beautifully on-point Sarah Koenig impression and take yourselves on a wild (sleigh) ride, trying to figure out how exactly this Kris Kringle character could deliver so many toys to so many people.

Other notes from the Amy Adams-hosted Christmas episode: Kristen Wiig and Fred Armisen and Mike Meyers made some fun cameos and One Direction’s fanbase went nuts on Twitter when they found out a sketch 1D was supposed to appear in was cut for time but another very bizarre but probably much better sketch aired. AHAHAHAH.

Also, I feel like the “Office Christmas Party” was supposed to be the hit of the show, but considering the legacy of Lonely Island, it just falls flat despite Aidy Bryant tackling a Christmas tree.

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