SNL's Taran Killam on his 'Call Your Girlfriend' Video: 'I'm a Robyn Lover'


With Andy Samberg and Jason Sudeikis going off to greener pastures, Taran Killam (who recently married How I Met Your Mother‘s Cobie Smulders) is looking primed and ready to take his place as a Saturday Night Live key player. His increased presence is certainly a welcomed one, especially after a video of Killam recreating Robyn’s “Call Your Girlfriend” (A.K.A. the best video to come out the last 5 years) went viral last winter. The recreation was funny, meticulous and charming, but how did it come to be? Vulture was smart enough to ask:

Killam: It was such a fun, last-minute, late-night, fun thing.
Vulture: It couldn’t have been completely last-minute, because it took a bit of planning.
Killam: That’s the amazing thing about our costume department. You can call them at two in the morning and they’ll have a pink furry sweater ready for you in fifteen minutes. I just love the video. I’m a Robyn lover. The week before, they played the video for me, and I was like, immediately, “I love this.” And then I was just watching it on a loop, and I would interrupt other people’s writing meetings by going in and starting the video on full volume, and just through osmosis, I was able to get most of the dance moves down. I was cheating a little bit. There was some watching the video as I danced.

He also had this to say about Buffy:

“Picture a 15-year-old Taran Killam being in his grandmother’s television room, watching Buffy have to send Angel back to hell, just as he got his soul back, because Xander wouldn’t tell her that Willow was working on a plan. Weeping. Sitting on the floor, watching that by myself, weeping.”

Do you think Cobie would be willing to work out a sister-wife situation?

Taran Killam on Robyn, SNL, and Joss Whedon [Vulture]

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