So Much In Life Is Unintentionally Creepy


We take issue with some of the picks on Nerve’s mostly spot-on “guide to the unintentionally creepy:”

While it’s hard to argue with the creepiness of those humanoid wind-socks beckoning shoppers into car dealerships, and while you’ll find no defenders of bee beards here (although I might take issue with the “unintentional” part), Necco wafers are unassailably delicious. Also, some kids with old-people names were named after our dead grandmas, okay?

To the list, may we add the following glaring omissions?

  • Mothers who say babies are “flirting” and/or are ladies’ men.

  • Dogs with beige noses
  • “After” pictures of dudes on home-gym infomercials who have normal dad heads and weirdly ripped torsos

  • Those black-and-white cards that show little kids kissing.
  • Celosia, the flowers that look like brains
  • “Chocolate Milk” that doesn’t need to be refrigerated

Creepiosity [Nerve]

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