Socks With Sandals Are Never, Ever Okay


Two of the men at Esquire had a lively debate on Friday about whether socks and sandals are acceptable menswear. The answer is clearly no, but that didn’t stop them from taking on the topic anyway.

On the one hand, we have the smarty Max Berlinger, who recognizes that socks with sandals looks “ugly and dumb.” On the other hand, he has to work with Andrew D. Luecke, a dilettante who believes that “Socks with sandals are the vanguard of a new movement in men’s fashion, one that promises more freedom of personal style and a more relaxed sense of propriety.”

What follows is my point-counterpoint on this issue with myself, because I couldn’t find another person to take the role of pro-socks with sandals because it’s not a real position to hold:

Kate Dries: Well, socks with sandals are in style for men and women, so shouldn’t we take a tip and do like the stylish do?

Kate Dries: No.

Kate Dries: It’s kind of cute don’t you think?

Kate Dries: No. If you’re lucky enough to be in sandal-appropriate weather, take advantage of that and wear sandals. Otherwise, wear closed-toe shoes.

Kate Dries: But what about if you want to wear them both at the same time for temperature reasons?

Kate Dries: No. Especially because then your socks get dirty and that’s gross.

Kate Dries: But…

Kate Dries: No.

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