Someone Robbed Lupita Nyong'o's Pearl-Encrusted Oscars Dress


Here’s a story straight from a heist film: our heroine Lupita Nyong’o, whose gorgeous pearl-encrusted Calvin Klein gown swept the Oscars, is now no longer in possession of said gown because she has been ROBBED!

After the Oscars Nyong’o was staying at The London in West Hollywood which, oh my god, I’ve totally had lunch there once! Great salads! Gordon Ramsay! According to TMZ, the robber just went into her hotel room and straight jacked the dress, right out of her suite! Not just because it was so beautiful as to be a work of art, but also because it was made of 6000 Akoya pearls and worth $150,000! What do you think this person is going to do with it? Hopefully they have not attempted to dismantle it because fuck that, the dress is art! The cops are looking at security footage to find the dress thief, who not only stole the dress but violated the sanctity of Nyong’o’s hotel room! This is so messed up!

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