Sophie Turner Gets Taylor Swift on Her Side as Joe Jonas Shouts Out ‘Parenthood’ at Concert

After dining out with Swift twice this week, Turner appears ready to fight back in the PR war with Joe Jonas.

Sophie Turner Gets Taylor Swift on Her Side as Joe Jonas Shouts Out ‘Parenthood’ at Concert
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Earlier this month we learned of Sophie Turner and Joe Jonas’ separation and divorceapparently at the same time Turner herself learned about it. Right away, “sources” close to Jonas worked hard to convince us that Turner, 27, is an irresponsible mother and a party girl and, by contrast, Jonas, 34, is the perfect father. (How did he show that, you ask? Oh, he took his daughters out for breakfast and called the paps on himself.) Turner seemed to take a quieter approach to the separation—that is, until this week, when she was photographed out to dinner with Taylor Swift (who dated Jonas well over a decade ago) on Tuesday; filed a lawsuit against Jonas of withholding their daughters’ passports so they can’t return home to England on Wednesday; and on Thursday, went out to dinner with Swift again.

Even if you aren’t a fan of anyone involved, this story has taken the celebrity news media by storm—and I totally get it. It’s hard not to be compelled by it. We (probably) will never know what was discussed at their dinners, but please indulge my Game of Thrones-esque fantasy that Swift was offering Turner guidance in how to fight back in the PR war Jonas’ camp started, and stand up for herself in their increasingly messy divorce. After all, Swift is famously skilled at shaping public narratives and has been friends with Turner for years.

Turner’s suit against Jonas is revealing: She recounts that she and Jonas have planned since the end of last year to raise their daughters in England, selling their home in Miami. They determined Jonas would take the kids with him when his tour launched over the summer, and while Turner was filming a new show in England. In mid-August, a blowout fight apparently ended the relationship, though Turner says she only learned Jonas filed for divorce from the media. After meeting with Jonas recently, Turner says in the lawsuit that he refused to let her bring their children back to England and even withheld their passports from her. Jonas has denied these allegations, as well as the allegation that Turner didn’t learn about the divorce from him. “The children were not abducted,” a rep for Jonas said in a statement to Page Six on Thursday.

Meanwhile, Jonas spent Thursday night unsubtly shouting out fellow parents and “parenthood” at a concert with his brothers in Philadelphia.

Despite Jonas’s weird attempts to get ahead of the story, the public—including some very notable figures—is decidedly Team Turner. On Friday afternoon, Jessica Chastain shared a tweet from Roxane Gay that read: “The way Joe Jonas miscalculated his popularity with his transparent attempts at PR manipulation, particularly when the North remembers is FASCINATING. And holding the children’s passports to keep them from their mother?” Chastain added via quote-tweet, “The Oracle @rgay .”

Take this with the Swift-Haim dinner, and I’d say that Turner has pulled a Sansa Stark and rallied the North to her side. Based on what we know—and what Jonas himself has calculatingly put out there—I’m ready to get behind the Queen in the North too.

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