​South Korea Rolls Out Big Pink Parking Spaces For Female Drivers


In a move to make the South Korean city more “women-friendly,” Seoul, has introduced the female-only parking spot, a wider and longer space outlined in pink and denoted by a pink stick figure wearing a skirt. Because nothing tells women you care about them like passive aggressively implying they suck at driving.

Interestingly enough, this is part of South Korea’s $700 million dollar initiative to make Seoul more “female friendly—a plan that also includes installing 7,000 women-only restrooms and resurfacing some pavement with a pliable material to make walking in high-heels a bit easier.

The assistant mayor for women and family affairs claims that it is “like adding a female touch to a universal design and make things more comfortable for women.”

Okay, if I had $700 million dollars to make a city more female friendly, I would be making it rain IUDs, or trying legalize South Korea’s multibillion-dollar prostitution industry, but squishy sidewalks is cool too? These pink parking spots would also be better lit and closer to the entrances to buildings and shopping centers, so it looks like safety is part of it. I mean, at least they’re not also designating somewhat challenging parking spots that need to be reversed into as male-only, but it feels like the whole female-friendly thing is an opportunity missed.

Image via NBC.

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