Sports Illustrated Will Feature Plus-Sized Bikini Model for First Time


This month, Sports Illustrated will release their annual swimsuit issue, delighting dads across the world and reminding all of us that it’s cold as hell outside. This year, the magazine’s making a historical change, however. It’s featuring plus-size model Ashley Graham in a string bikini on pages usually reserved for women with much smaller bodies.

The photo, which is an ad for the “Swimsuits for All” campaign, is only the beginning — maybe next year the magazine will feature a plus-size model in an official layout — but it’s a reminder that all bodies are beautiful and that yes, all bodies can go out to the beach in the swimwear of their choosing, regardless of whether it’s a classy string bikini or a one-sided thong that needs to be surgically installed via an intestinal tethering system. And if you want to just wear a flight suit with a croissant in each pocket, that’s okay, too! Do you!

The ad campaign also includes a video of Ashley Graham teasing a group of men who are enchanted by her sexy shape, according to a press release. According to the release, the ad is not only meant to celebrate the fact that no one should have to hide their bodies when going to the beach, but also meant to usher in The Curvy Girl era, which is apparently nigh.

Into it.

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