​Steely as Fuck Male Models Busted for Cocaine Delivery Service

Apparently hot criminals who take modelesque mugshots just isn’t enough. Now we have criminals who are hot by profession. I think things are starting to get out of hand—crime is getting far too glamorous.

Last week, Christopher Wetmore, 25, and Joseph Denormandie,20, were charged with felony conspiracy and drug sale charges, after selling about $2,500 worth of coke to an undercover cop from an apartment/drug den in Chelsea. Wetmore and Denormandie also happen to be male models repped by Re:Quest Model Management.

DeNormandie (who goes by Jack) was featured in i-D‘s September issue. The NY Post reports:

“Young men have a huge potential to change the world and make it a better place for everyone,” DeNormandie wrote in a September entry for his modeling agency’s blog accompanied by a photo of him sporting a tan Calvin Klein suit without a shirt.

Oops. Wetmore has appeared in GQ Style UK, W Magazine, and Vogue Hommes Japan among other publications and has walked in plenty of shows. He has an Instagram where he shows off his questionable tattoos and posts shit like this:

Honestly, my response to their involvement in this drug bust is along the lines of ‘yeah, sounds about right.’ Apparently their arrests are just part of a larger investigation, but it’s not like the fashion/modeling industry’s longstanding relationship with cocaine is much of a secret. Although a coke delivery service that uses male models as couriers? Replace the coke with fresh sushi, and sign me the fuck up.

Image via Instagram.

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