Stéphane Rolland: For the Cyberpunk Sun Goddess In You


Stéphane Rolland’s spring 2014 couture show was, as WWD puts it, the site of a stampede — Kim Kardashian was in the front row, and photographers flocked to her in a state of mild frenzy. But the real star at the event (no offense, Kim) was the collection itself — Rolland said that each piece was meant to “challenge the limits of space,” which they did, to breathtaking effect.

Most recently, one of Rolland’s creations gained attention for resembling a whelk and clinging to Paula Patton at the Golden Globes; here, his eye for daring, exaggerated architecture is put to much better use. The designs are at once minimalistic and dazzling, sensuous and sleek. Some of the clothes fit oddly but, for the most part, this looks like the clothing of a futuristic sun goddess.

Here’s the collection:

Some choice details:

Images via Getty.

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