Street Harassers Tricked Into Catcalling Their Moms on Video [Updated]


Street harassment awareness seems to be at an all-time high, yet there are men among us who haven’t gotten the memo. This PSA targets some of them by answering the question: What if I was your mother??

For the video, which was sponsored by Everlast (okay…), moms were disguised and planted in the paths of several repeat offenders in Lima, Peru. When the moms revealed themselves, yelling matches ensued. One of the men unknowingly called his mom “tasty panties.” Here’s a sample exchange between mother and catcaller:

Guy: “No, I’m not being dirty.”
Mom: “What do you mean you aren’t? Did you just listen to yourself?”
Guy: “It’s just a game.”
Mom: “Do you realize what you just said to me?”

Is this an effective deterrent? I dunno. But if this took place in America, it would’ve given new meaning to “What up, ma?”

UPDATE: Never Mind. Wishful Thinking.

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