Sunday Afternoon Silliness


Once again, SNL let us down last night, so instead of posting a mediocre SNL skit, I have decided that we are going to get our Sunday afternoon laughs from elsewhere. Clips after the jump.

The current cast of SNL is filled with incredibly talented people, yet their talent is being squandered on vanity skits, cheap gay jokes, and the writers’ tendency to draw up dark skits without any redeeming comedic elements. Never before has there been so much blood or general creepiness on the show: as a fan of dark humor, I can see where they are trying to go, but at times it feels like they are struggling to hard to be weird and kooky that they forget to, you know, be funny, too. So here are a few lessons from a master in offbeat, brilliant, kooky humor, Mr. Bruce McCulloch. Study up, SNL! And enjoy, doves. Every Sunday afternoon should have a laugh or two.

In Which Bruce Teaches Us About The Daves He Knows:

In Which Bruce Tells President Obama Which Type Of Dog To Get:

In Which Bruce Would Like To Know If We Can Dig It:

In Which Bruce Describes The Type Of Hangover That Many Of You May Have Today:

Perhaps SNL will give us something to post next week. Until then, feel free to post your own favorite comedy skits in the comments.

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