Sunday Night Sign-Off: Happy Birthday Ernest!


Today’s Sunday Night Sign-Off is brought to you by Mark. He insisted that I give a birthday shout-out to this “Ernest” character (played by the late Jim Varney), who I actually know as Slinky Dog from Toy Story. Talk about a generation gap. And now in honor of Casey Kasem’s passing today, we’re up to our long distance dedication. This one goes all the way around the world from wherever Mark lives to anyone who reads this. And he writes:

Ernest saves christmas was one of my favorite American movies as a kid (second to Hocus Pocus) and is responsible for the fact that I once spent two hours writing a letter to Santa asking for everything in the toys r us catalog, despite not knowing what half the shit was. Polly Pocket deluce playset? I want it. Stretch Armstrong and friends? GIVE ME NAO.
Of course, this movie is also responsible for the crippling disappointment I felt when I woke up on New Year’s day (#Russian) and found a ten dollar bill to share with my brother.
My parents claimed Santa was in the hospital.
I believed them because that happened in the movie. Thank you for both ruining and saving christmas, Ernest!!

Okay, Mark, here’s your long distance dedication.

(If it was up to me, I’d have kept with the long distance dedication theme and played something like Mr. Mister, but it’s cool.)

Alright folks, take it away.

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