Sunday Night Sign-Off: What the Heck Is This Chinese Chicken Song Even?


In the interest of cultural understanding, is there someone who can help me figure out just what in the Samuel L. Hill is happening in this music video for Chinese artist Wang Rong’s song “Chick Chick?”

She’s really committed to the chicken schtick, but then all of a sudden there are a bunch of other animals making chicken noises? And then the dudes in their underwear wearing animal masks just appear and start dancing? I mean, I kind of love how grating the chorus is, and I’ve been cracking up over here, but I just want to know what the hell is going on. Entering the YouTube description into Google translate did not help:

This highly experimental strange singing to tell you: The Divine Comedy than you ever imagined ! Unprecedented feeling, will subvert your knowledge of popular songs , this song will tell you: The Divine Comedy in the end how God !


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