Sushi Chef With Knife Subdues Would-Be Armed Robber

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Oh, just your typical news story. Guy tries to rob sushi restaurant, sushi chef scares the piss out of him with a gigantic knife, guy runs in urine-soaked terror, chef catches him outside and subdues him until the police get there. No big.

It’s hard to see why 23-year-old Clayton Dial picked Kamakura Japanese restaurant in Champaign, Illinois, as his robbery target. Restaurants aren’t super-common targets for hits, so maybe he thought he’d have the element of surprise on his side when he pulled out his pellet gun and demanded they hand over the cash. Then again, sushi chefs spend hours every day making extremely precise cuts with extremely large, sharp knives, which you’d think would’ve entered Dial’s considerations at some point during the deciding process. Thus, Dial was surprised when chef Tetsuji Miwa (having heard what was going on from nearby) ran into the room with a really big, really sharp knife, ready to seriously run someone’s day. Upon seeing the knife, Dial fled from the restaurant in screaming terror, after which Miwa and two co-workers chased him and caught him outside, holding him until the police got there (apparently without even using the knife).

If there’s a lesson for would-be robbers to learn here, it’s probably “don’t try to rob Japanese restaurants, because sushi chefs have giant knives and will gleefully fuck you up.”

Image via Panom Pensawang/Shutterstock.

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