Swedish Royal Family Caught Up In Silly Nazi Past


As though elk-hunt threesomes and sex romps weren’t enough, the Swedish royal family is being rocked by another scandal: their Nazi past.

67-year-old Queen Silvia has claimed, as recently as this past July, that her German father was “not politically active”; that he ran an innocuous toy-train factory; and that he explicitly did not get the factory from ousted Jewish owners. Seems exactly none of this was true. According to the Swedish investigative program Kalla fakta (Cold facts), in reality he was “a Nazi party member who grew rich during the Second World War running an armaments factory that had been stolen from its Jewish owners.”

The palace has gone into damage control. Says an official statement, “The Queen has no reason to comment on the content of the programme…Of course, the Queen is sorry about her father becoming a member of the Nazi party. She first knew about his membership in adulthood. She never had the opportunity to discuss this with her father.” Her brother, meanwhile, has called the allegations “lies and slander.” (In defiance of substantial evidence to the contrary.)

It’s a fraught issue in Sweden, which, while its policy of neutrality resulted in complicated relations with both Axis and Allies, still takes justifiable pride in the country’s status as a haven for Jews. It’s also the last thing the royal family needs right now: the lurid tell-all The Reluctant Monarch has resulted in a dip in the monarchy’s popularity…and the king didn’t deny any of that.

Swedish Royal Family Hit By Fresh Nazi Allegations [The Independent]
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