SZA Canoodles with Donald Glover in a Garden, and Bella Thorne Wants Us to Know Who the Hell She Is


OK, OK, I see you: SZA: “Garden (Say It Like Dat)” — A forlorn and lovestruck Donald Glover shows up in this gauzy, sexy music video, but the star of the show is SZA, dancing on the beach and in streams and rocking several very cute outfits. It’s fun and makes me wanna go shopping at Anthropologie and then go swimming in the ocean. A great video to rein in the summer SZN. Add this to the list of 10/10 music videos from Karena Evans, who also directed Drake’s “Nice for What” video. –Frida Garza

Hmmm, I guess, under the right conditions: Camila Cabello & Pharrell, “Sangria Wine” — This is one of those records (the title is a pun, get it?) I wouldn’t mind doing a deliberate sway to at a backyard party. That is, until the hook would swing back in and command me to “do the Sangria wine,” and it’s like, what am I doing? While Camila sounds tantalizing, I think Pharrell overplays it and the song would’ve been better without his instructional lilt. –Clover Hope

Yes, with sadness: Fifth Harmony, “Don’t Say You Love Me” video — Fifth Harmony decided to kill off all their harmonies (see above), but the four remaining members left us with a parting gift—this simple warehouse video for a semi-ballad about demanding more effort from a partner. The song is a straightforward call to action: “Don’t promise me tonight without tomorrow, too,” which they sing while standing in a sisterhood circle amid a hazy ambiance. Parting is sweet sorrow. –CH

Who?: Bella Thorne, “Bitch, I’m Bella Thorne” — In which someone who is known for being unknown explains who she is with an impression of Kesha circa 2010 and a song concept copped from Madonna. I somehow have less of an idea who Bella Thorne is after hearing her tell me, “Bitch, I’m Bella Thorne,” about two dozen times. Bella Thorne…is that, like, an absinthe cocktail? -Rich Juzwiak

Yo quiero: Jennifer Lopez, DJ Khaled & Cardi B, “Dinero” Two bad bitches that came from the Bronx, how could you say no? This three-minute banger is full of quotables, largely at the hand of the impossibly endearing Cardi B, who drops these lines—“I just want my money, chips, guac, and queso/Y’all can kiss my ass, dame un beso/Dominicana, drippin’ in designer,” and “Merenge to the money (woo)/Bachata to the bank (oww)”—in an arguably perfect verse. J. Lo holds it down, too. It’s only Khaled who should’ve stayed home. Since “Despacito,” “Dinero” includes the best Puerto Rico shout-out I’ve heard in a minute. Let’s keep that trend going, please! –Maria Sherman

Yes, times a million: Mitski, “Geyser” Mitski is back with a short and sweet cathartic banger that opens with an eerie organ and haunting, quivering vocals before slowly building to a grandiose climax. This song shows off Mitski’s flare for a booming sort-of-chorus that takes you by surprise, lighting a hearty kindle of emotion in your belly before it soars to your chest. The video also continues Mitski’s legacy of releasing solid visual aids for her music. She spends half the video running through, rolling around in, and clawing at wet sand on a grey, dreary shoreline, and somehow her energy was strong enough that it left me wanting to cry. Maybe it’s PMS. I don’t know. Listen to this track regardless. –Ashley Reese

Yes, to both the song and the surreal AF music video: Arctic Monkeys, “Four Out Of Five” It makes sense that this song got the video treatment before any of the songs from Arctic Monkey’s new album Tranquility Base Hotel & Casino. It’s the most accessible track from an album that critics and fans all agree is a massive sonic departure. This new Arctic Monkeys era puts love songs on the back burner to focus on the grim realities of tech and the batshit world of politics, and this video continues that theme by swapping cute indie-rock video girls with Kubrick-inspired absurdism. There are two Alex Turners (a bearded one who surveils a clean shaven one), wild camera angles, and a really cute dog. It’s really bizarre, and I don’t exactly Get It, but I think that’s okay. –AR

Pass: Christina Aguilera feat. Demi Lovato: “Fall In Line” — You know, I really didn’t mind Christina’s new song “Accelerate.” It grew on me! I actually like it, and I don’t think I’ve been able to say that about a Christina Aguilera song in over 10 years. But “Fall In Line” just doesn’t do it for me. The #inspiring message is surely done in good faith, but it comes across as heavy-handed, saccharine Female Empowerment™. “Fall In Line” feels like it was trying to have the sincerity of “Beautiful” and the gusto of “Fighter,” but it kind of failed on both counts. Better luck with the next single, Xtina! –AR

Issa vibe: Snail Mail, “Let’s Find An Out” — If you hate waiting, maybe skip this song. The third single leading up to Snail Mail’s debut full album is disarmingly good, with its simple yet poetic lyrics and its delicate guitar riffs. It’s a song that deserves more attention than you might give it, but at just two minutes, it also withholds and threatens to flit away. What I’m saying is “Let’s Find Out An Out” will leave you wanting more, but the pleasure of listening is worth the pain of waiting for its companions. –FG

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