Taylor Swift Fans Forced to Adorn Themselves in Yolk to Win Her Love


To show how overjoyed they were when granted a sacred follow on Tumblr from Taylor Swift, 19 of her fans cracked eggs on their heads and posted a video of it to show her how excited they were. Oh.

Tumblr fan Swiftly-Daydream posted the video of all 19 fans crushing eggs on their heads, set to Swift’s “Wonderland,” the official anthem for breakfast foods being used as body ornamentation. “[Hey] taylorswift so we promised to crack eggs on our heads if you followed all 19 of the eggheads on tumblr so here you go!” the message on the video stated. Posted on Tumblr (because of course this went down on Tumblr), the original video has now been reblogged thousands of times, as loyal worshipping subjects of Swift eagerly lined up to show that they, too, love the idea of smashing food on your head in celebration a celebrity follower on social media.

Pleased by this display of reverence, Queen TayTay herself responded to her royal subjects, bestowing upon them the royal titles of “LOL Worthy” and “Cutest People Ever Seen Throughout the Land:”

“HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAGAGAHFVJJHHBFBFFHHJNGF/ MY STOMACH HURTS FROM THE LOLZ/ you didn’t have to do it but I’m so glad you did. These are 19 of the cutest people I’ve ever seen.”

A truly notable achievement indeed.

This is a better idea than that time I tried to put a bacon Crossanwich in my hair when Tina Yothers followed me on Twitter. Turns out, it wasn’t even the real Tina Yothers. Talk about egg on my face—seriously, I got a lot of egg on my face trying to do that.

Image via Tumblr

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