Taylor Swift Informs John Mayer That Not Everything's About John Mayer

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“How presumptuous! I never disclose who my songs are about.”

Taylor Swift when informed by a Glamour reporter that John Mayer had been publicly humiliated by her lacerating song “Dear John,” which chronicled their one-sided nuclear disaster of a relationship.

The reporter went on, “He said he felt…”

“No!” Swift interjected. “I don’t want to know, I don’t want to know. I know it wasn’t good, so I don’t want to know. I put a high priority on staying happy, and I know what I can’t handle.”

Never write for the Internet, Taylor. She continued, “I think that song really hit home with a lot of girls who had been through toxic relationships and had found their way to the other side of it. I’ve never looked out while singing a song during a concert to see so many girls crying.” I DID THAT. Not at a concert, but in my house. Did you guys do that? [USA Today, MTV]

Bobbi Kristina, currently the sole benificiary of late mother Whitney Houston’s estate, might be cut off from the Houston fortune for the time being due to her relationships with some sketchy characters. Trustees want to ensure that she isn’t financially manipulated by people like her current boyfriend, Nick Gordon, with whom she was in a car accident last week. [Radar Online]

A former American Idol contestant named Brittany Kerr made out with married country singer Jason Aldean one drunken night on the Sunset Strip last week, and the backlash came 2 Fast 2 Furious for her to handle. Kerr had to delete her Twitter account after being called a “slut” and a “whore.”

She had no idea he was married, although he was wearing a ring at the time, and apologized: “The actions I portrayed recently were not a representation of my true character, but a lapse in judgment on my part. I would like to sincerely apologize to everyone that has been affected by this, including my friends & family.” Aldean, a father of two with wife Jessica, who he married in 2001, has also released a statement of apology. [LA Times, E! Online, TMZ]

There’s a Twitter rumor that RuPaul’s Drag Race contestant Sahara Davenport has passed away, but it hasn’t yet been confirmed, so we’re hoping this is not the case. [Queerty]

Despite rumors of London clubbing and sucking face with Cameron Diaz while filming All You Need Is Kill, it sounds more like Tom Cruise is acting like your lonely, creepy brother-in-law. He’s under the name “Cage Hunt” at the Grove Hotel in Hertsfordshire, and apparently jokes with guests that the moniker is his porn name. “Tom has been a great laugh and is really friendly to everyone,” says one anonymous guest. “He has a great sense of humour.” I’ll bet. When he’s not yukking it up, he’s flying a remote controlled helicopter on the grounds.

Fun fact: Johnny Depp has used “Mr. Stench” as a faux hotel check-in name, and Brangelina have used “Bryce and Jasmine Pilaf.” So, um, good job being discreet, all! [The Sun]

Leonardo DiCaprio, Selena Gomez, Ellen DeGeneres, Joseph Gordon-Levitt, Jonah Hill, Edward Norton and some other people made a bunch of jokes to try to get you to vote. You should!

Diane Keaton talked to the Ladies’ Home Journal about the famous (and in some cases, famously dickish) men she’s loved. “Managerial skills are necessary to handle men like that. I also don’t think I have a lot of nurturing skills. I needed as much as they needed, and that’s not a good mix.”

On Warren Beatty: “He was very sexy, but a different kind of sexy. I mean, we’re talking pretty. Like Justin Bieber pretty.”

On Al Pacino: “I had a crush on him for 20 years.”

On Woody Allen: “I still love Woody.”

On Jack Nicholson: “He’s very adept at being the person you want to watch, and I think it’s exhausting.”

Managerial skills! She is the best. [Page Six]

Smirk Silverfox is about to be siiiiiingle again. [NYDN]

  • O, NVM: Turns out those Christina Aguilera Billboard weight quotes from yesterday were fabricated. Sorry, she’s not as cool as we thought. [Entertainment Weekly]
  • Breckin Meyer—remember him?—split from his wife of 11 years. [Express]
  • Liz Hurley flipped the switch to turn the Empire State Building pink for a breast cancer awareness campaign. [Express]
  • Sell dat house, Sheryl Crow. [TMZ]
  • Halle Berry and bitter ex Gabriel Aubry hung out in the same pumpkin patch without murdering each other on behalf of their kid Nahla. [TMZ]
  • Melanie Lynskey is getting a divorce from her husband, one of the creepy It’s Always Sunny’s McPoyles (real name Jimmi Simpson). [TMZ]
  • Paris Hilton made out with a girl at a club, and then her boyfriend got arrested for punching another dude in the face. We get it, Paris. You’re still here. [TMZ]
  • Here’s the first shot of Vanessa Minnillo and Nick Lachey’s kid, Camden John. [People]
  • Jessica Biel napped with her massive dog Tina on top of her. [People]
  • There was Xanax flying around at the Real Housewives of NJ reunion. [Us Weekly]
  • Bleerghrle blargle Lisa D’Amato’s wedding dress blarhgh? [Us Weekly]
  • Michael Douglas and Catherine Zeta-Jones plan to renew their vows in Bermuda. [Monsters and Critics]
  • Rapper Lil Scrappy got arrested in Atlanta for violating his parole. [TMZ]
  • Simon Cowell indulges in “sheep placenta facials” to stay young, except for the sheep in Brooklyn who keep their own placenta, julienne and sautee it to serve at a party. [The Mirror UK]
  • Kim Kerdershriarn wore a long blue dress, is still a person who roams the Earth. [Daily Mail]
  • And avoids Ray-J in Miami. [Page Six]
  • THIS PICTURE OF “ICE LOVES” COCO AND LIAM NEESON. [Janet Charlton’s Hollywood]
  • Lena Dunham’s shopping a book of essays for $1 million. [Page Six]
  • Mena Suvari is officially divorced. Thus begins American Beauty 2. [The Sun]
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