Taylor Swift To Release 'Concept Album'


For her third album, Speak Now, America’s sweetheart Taylor Swift is going all Lou Reed on us.

The album, which drops October 25th, was written entirely by Swift and is, she says, based around a single concept. As she explained it in an Internet broadcast,

In life you have a lot of situations that pop up and people come into your life and sometimes you don’t get to tell them what you wish you would have told them. This album is my opportunity to do that. Track by track, each song is a different confession to a different person.”

Of the first single, “Mine,” is about what Yahoo terms her “tendency to run from love.” Says Swift, “I’m never ever going to go past hoping that love can work out.”

This very innocuous release prompted the following mixed reactions from Yahoo readers:

The sincere: “yay, i am the first commenter!! i love taylor, hope her new album rocks! saw her NYC ball drop of 09.”

The snide: “Concept album? Watch out Pink Floyd.”

The vulgar: “This little chicklet can’t carry a tune to save her life but I’d still love to butter her muffin.”

The creepy: “I want to kiss her feet.” (From one “Big Dave” who appears to be a middle-aged man)

And the seemingly irrelevant: “Hey NORMAJEAN….EAT ME!”

Presumably, Taylor’s confessions will be less varied.

Taylor Swift To Release Concept Album In October

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