Taylor Swift Twitter Hackers Gonna Hack


Taylor Swift, the one pop star who hasn’t done anything to hurt anyone, has been the target of a malicious hack (hack hack hack hack hack hack). Her Twitter and Instagram accounts were compromised earlier this afternoon, but rather than capture her DMs and demand cash, the perpetrator asked for something much more serious: followers.

Time reports that the hacker responsible for violating Swift’s account is the leader of a group called “The Lizard Squad” and hacked Swift’s account in order to popularize his hacking posse and ask fans to blindly follow him and a colleague blindly and like sheep (which is probably something Swift’s followers would do, TBH) (I would).

Swift has one of the most popular accounts on Twitter with over 51 million fans regularly checking in on her and sending desperate tweets like “PLEASE FOLLOW ME TAYLOR, ILU” over and over. One teenager I met recently (a relative of my partner) told me she was obsessed with Swift’s feed and asks to be followed regularly. While I couldn’t reach her to ascertain whether she followed the hacker (or how she felt about the hack) because she was in third period geometry which sucks balls oh my god, I’m sure she would be more upset by the fact that the hacker tried to raise his followed numbers instead of just using his power to get a follow back from Swift. YOUTHS.

An unnamed inside source I spoke to (my partner) suggested that Kanye West did this and then told me not to call him at work anymore unless it was an emergency.

Swift’s account has been recovered and she’s written “never a dull moment” on her Tumblr to let fans know that her life be crazy and shit. She’s fine, though. She shook it all off.

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