Teen Bully to Dr. Phil: 'Somebody Has to Tell People They're Ugly'


In Wednesday’s episode of Dr. Phil, the “older, less attractive” and “bald” host subjects himself to Salty Teen opinions of himself in an attempt to get said group of Salty Teens, skilled in the art of social bullying, to lay down their swords. Instead, the intervention kind of goes off the rails.

Dr. Phil: Am I ugly?
Salty Teen: Do I have to answer that?

Over on the Huffington Post, there’s a clip of the show where 19-year-old Nicole says “Someone has to tell people they’re ugly.” Of course, Dr. Phil dives in to point out that perhaps Nicole is just afraid of making new friends and how can she makes new buddies if she goes from “zero to bitch on them like that”?

Yes, he says this. He calls a someone’s teen kid a “bitch.” But don’t worry, Nicole’s weapon is still sharp, still in hand.

“I think that’s where my observing [comes in],” Nicole says. “I watch people’s actions. I watch what they say. I’ll know if I like you or not. … I don’t think I’m scared at all.”

Good luck “older, less attractive” and “bald” Dr. Phil; it’s rough out here for aging starlets giving advice to Confident Salty Teens.

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