Teen Wants to Get Marathon Bomber's Tweet Tattooed on Herself


As with all national tragedies, the Boston Bombings have created an entire crop of conspiracy theorists, who, thanks to the Internet, are able to create communities of support for Dzokhar “Jahar” Tsarnaev, largely under the #FreeJahar hashtag. Made up mostly of swooning teens, whose love for One Direction seem to overlap with their bizarre fascination with Tsarnaev and proving his innocence, #FreeJahar believers cling to abstract assertions of “The Government” feeding “Lies” to “The People,” otherwise known as the age-old formula of conspiracies. One such #FreeJahar fan proclaimed she wanted to get one of Jahar’s tweets tattooed on herself as an homage to the teen.

“Getting one of Jahar’s tweets tattooed on me tomorrow. Guess you could say I’m a #FreeJahar supporter,” tweeted @keepitbluntedd on May 7. Yes, “@keepitbluntedd”, with two d’s, in case you wanted to harass this random girl in Kansas named Alisha via Twitter. She later tweeted that she wouldn’t get the tattoo out of respect for her family:

She tweets regularly about Jahar, among tweets about needing a “bleeeezy” or a ride home from work. Basically, she’s some random stoner girl in Kansas and there is absolutely no reason anyone should take her opinions seriously, so let’s just let this #FreeJahar hashtag and weird Internet community turn into its own echo chamber until the whole thing implodes and we’ll never have to hear about hashtag-Free-Jahar ever again, shall we?


(Image AP Photo/vk.com)

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