Thank Goodness a Female Masturbation Bar Finally Exists


Self-diddling ladies, rejoice. Finally, there exists a bar that caters to your unique interests, something you didn’t even know you needed — a tavern where the walls are lined with dildos rather than liquor bottles and ladies are free to gather and discuss how they like touching their own clitorises. Guess which country it’s in. You get three guesses. Here’s a hint: it’s Japan.

Fap-an! The land of Pink Salons and schoolgirl panty vending machines has finally created what proprietors are calling the country’s first “love and sex bar dedicated to women.” Love Joule is located in the Shibuya district of Tokyo and is frequented by women who work in Japan’s sex industry. Men aren’t allowed unless they’re brought there by a woman, which is perfect because the bar’s website describes the place as “perfect for girls-only discussions or a date.”

Hello, date. Let’s talk about how I’m excellent at getting myself off.

Men who feel left out by Love Joule can experience a similarly supportive self-love talk environment by simply downloading the latest Kanye West track.

[Tokyo Reporter]

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