The 14 Most Beautiful Postures of Gawker Media


Today, DC’s The Hill released its highly-anticipated annual list of its 50 Most Beautiful People. Topping the list was an all-American 23-year-old Texan named, I think, America Eagle Flaggington. It’s a good list.

As our nation’s capitol is widely known as a place teeming with beautiful, fashionably dressed people, so too is Jezebel’s parent company known for employing some of the bloggers with the most beautiful posture in the world. Without further ado, here are their most majestic sit positions. You’re welcome.

Anna, Jia, Clover, and Julianne

Favorite food: Gummies
Relationship status: Hangry
Favorite thing to do in the new office: Get lost on the way to the kitchen

Art Beard, Tara, Gawker Beard, Leah

Favorite food: Cups of liquid, it looks like
Relationship status: Sitting
Favorite way to stay in shape: Spin in chairs

Bobby, Hands, Kate, Dead Sam

Favorite sport: Type racing
Relationship status: Laughing
Turn ons: Drill sounds

Ashley,, Dayna

Favorite website:
Favorite place to sit: Couch
Hobby: Hugging

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