The Bachelor Really Wants You to Remember Colton Underwood Is a Virgin


The Bachelor franchise has had its fair share of controversy. Contestants have been accused of sexual misconduct, reported as missing persons, and been caught fleeing the scene of fatal car crashes. Producers have sued the show over sexual harassment allegations, and almost none of the winning relationships last.

All that to say, The Bachelor could use an image adjustment. The show’s producers seem to think they’ve found an answer in their new poster boy Colton Underwood. The 23rd bachelor is the franchise’s first virgin leading man (Sean Lowe was born-again), and the entire season is seemingly built around his sexual purity.

Watch the video above to see just how much The Bachelor team wants you to remember that, while women want to “rub oil all over his body,” Colton is the safe choice because (gasp) he’s never had sex.

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