The Best Jezebel Posts of 2015, According to Some People Who Might Know


For 2015’s look back at Jezebel’s “best” posts of the year, I elicited nominations from our staff, but instead of having individuals explain why their own posts were good, I wrote the blurbs about them. Tricky, hmm? Yes, agreed.

How Harlequin Became the Most Famous Name in Romance

Kelly Faircloth nominated this piece, likely because she is obsessed with romance novels and spent a fuck-ton of time on it. Read it or else.

What the Hell Is Going On At American Apparel?

When Ellie Shechet started working on this story, she probably imagined a time when she’d shop at American Apparel again. As this year comes to a close, I can safely say she likely never wants to hear any word that starts with the first letter of the alphabet again.

‘A Little Clitoris of Discernment’: Jonathan Franzen Can’t Write Sex

Madeleine Davies tapped into the best-worst thing about Jonathan Franzen in a way no one had before. A bonus: she managed to inspire some bad thinkpieces (one of which started as a comment on this very website!) in the process.

The Story and Nightmare Emails Behind One Elite Silverlake Preschool’s Turmoil

Natasha Vargas-Cooper brought us this endlessly entertaining story complete with the best form of communication known to mankind: a Powerpoint.

Planned Parenthood’s Cecille Richards Is a Women’s Health Advocate, Not a Monster

During a year when Planned Parenthood just couldn’t catch a break, Hillary Crosley Coker reminded us why they should.

‘I Can’t Get Over How Bad It Was’: A Lisa Vanderpump Restaurant Crawl

Kara Brown actually shouldn’t have been allowed to do this without me, but somehow she did, and I guess it’s fine if you guys read about it.

Giving Birth Ruined My Vagina, So I Got a New One

2015 could have become the year I decided I no longer wanted to read about other people’s nether regions. Luckily, Jane Marie smacked that notion right out of my head.

Kim Davis’s Kentucky Is For Lovers: I Got Gay Married in Morehead

We send out endless love to Mark Shrayber, not just because of his nuptials to his ever-patient husband Allen, but for his decision to document the experience in such a thorough and thoughtful way.

The Overwhelming Blackness of Kendrick Lamar’s To Pimp a Butterfly

Clover Hope is the best person writing about music today. The best person writing about most things, actually.

‘Everything Really Hit Rock Bottom’: How Nasty Gal’s Culture Went Nasty

Rush After ‘A Rape on Campus’: A UVA Alum Goes Back to Rugby Road

Jia Tolentino did what she does best and went back to her sorority girl days, following up on what (for all the wrong reasons) turned out to be one of 2014’s biggest stories.

These Are the 10 Best Female Characters From Jurassic Park

Values Voters Summit Update: Rubio’s Family Leave Plan and Cruz’s Horror Show Stand Up Comedy

Following in the footsteps of Erin and Anna at CPAC, Joanna Rothkopf took on the Value Voters Summit. She did not make any friends [:(] but she did come back with some good stories.

The Misanthropic Love Story of Daria Morgendorffer and Jane Lane

Rachel Vorona Cote turned her Fake Friends eye to our idols, Daria and Jane.

Was Banning Tyler, the Creator, the Victory International Feminism Needed?

“Is there ever a point in which a person can redeem himself?” Julianne Escobedo Shepherd asked, carefully reporting out a story about one of music’s most complex characters.

An Obsessed John Stamos Fan reviews John Stamos’s Ass

Which of Marie Lodi’s pieces about John Stamos would you like to imbibe? Take your pick.

Take Control of Your Body’s Clock with This Anti-Jet Lag Calculator

Jessica Coen knows more about air travel than any person I have ever met. It may be her greatest legacy.

This Is Your Brain on the Fifty Shades of Grey Trilogy

For the premiere of the first (but hopefully not last!) Fifty Shades of Grey movie, Erin Gloria Ryan stepped into the unknown, reading all the books for the first time. She made it out mostly unscathed.

How to Fix a Racist Frat

I started working on this piece in some capacity in 2013, only to drop it for a variety of reasons, mostly assuming it would never see the light of day. I include it here as a message to a special someone: Actually mom, sometimes it is good to keep everything.

Lastly, but never leastly, look at what a big year it was for Emma Carmichael!

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