The Evidence Against Joran


Police have released documents that show the evidence against confessed Dutch murderer Joran Van der Sloot. RadarOnline has published the grisly details, along with photos of the official papers.

The documents reveal that the Peruvian police were fairly certain of Van der Sloot’s guilt even before his confession. Under the heading “Ways and circumstances how the murder was committed,” they list several factors that led them to believe Van der Sloot was guilty, including physical aggression, preparation for escape, and the escape itinerary. The continue to tally up the evidence against Joran:

  • His confession
  • The dead victim
  • The death certificate
  • The parking ticket of the victim’s vehicle at the Casino “Atlantic City”
  • Results of the criminality information — biologic, fingerprinting and others
  • Testimony of the witnesses, including drivers
  • Recovery of Van Der Sloot’s clothes in the victim’s vehicle
  • Removal of money, bank account cards and the vehicle of the victim

They have also revealed more details about Stephany Flores‘s death. Van der Sloot began the attack by slamming her in the face with his elbow, before strangling her for a full minute. Then he removed his shirt and stuffed it in her mouth, suffocating her. Police found Flores “in lateral position with the arms extended and legs against the wall.” They write that she had “traumatic lesions on the face, a bruise on the scalp, cranial fracture, traumatic lesions on the neck… (and) over different areas of the body.”

The official cause of death was cranial-encephalic and cervical traumatism, according to a forensic investigator.

Exclusive Documents: The Official Police File On Joran Van Der Sloot [RadarOnline]
The Official Case File On Joran Van Der Sloot [RadarOnline]

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