The Exceptional Weirdness of Berlin Fashion Week


It may not be Paris or London or Milan or New York, but Berlin has its own Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week that’s full of WTF moments.

The problem with clear bull masks is that condensation is bound to build up (Universitaet Der Kuenste).

Oddly, the it’s not the side pony or the bead mask that makes this disturbing, but the beard (Romanian Designers).

That takes balls (Guido Maria Kretschmer).

Little red barrette (Universitaet Der Kuenste Berlin). The creepy thing about this headdress is that there is an eyeball with eyelashes in the middle of it (Ricardo Ramos).

This look is impractical for a person to pull off because it requires two friends, which can be difficult to find when you’re an asshole whose bad taste is an imposition (Universitaet Der Kuenste Berlin).

This pregnant woman was not in a maternity runway show (Michalsky Style Nite). Live birds in a cage purse (Marc Cain). Convenience-store-knock-over couture (Universitaet Der Kuenste Berlin).

Pleasant nightmares! (Ep Anoui By Eva Poleschinski)

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