The Freaky Stuff We're Attracted To


Videogum posted a clip called "The Science Of Cute," which features factoids about the weird traits humans are attracted to — over video of puppies and kittens. For instance:

We like disproportionately large heads; large eyes, set low on the face; button noses and soft round bodies. Hence the popularity of this and these.

But I still wonder why I’m attracted to what I’m attracted to. While my sister and I both are “meh” about most human babies, we totally squee over baby animals. And she goes a little further and gets super emotional about turtles. Not exactly cuddly, but she adores them.

When it comes to guys, I’ve dated all kinds and wouldn’t at all say that I have a “type,” although delicate, slender, olive-skinned, dark-eyed, dark-haired boys generally make me sigh. The thing is: If I get really honest with you? Truly honest? This might gross you out. But a couple of years ago, I suddenly realized that this sorta looked like this. That second link, friends, is my mother. I know. Horrifying. I saw this boy on Facehunter and thought, mmm! And then I was like, oh God. I mean: Some chicks date dudes who look like their dad. Chace Crawford went out with a woman who looks like his sister. A professor once told me that the more your parents tell you you’re beautiful, the more likely you are to be attracted to someone who looks just like you. Does any of it make sense?

We Don’t Need Popular Science To Tell Us Why Kittens Are Cute [Videogum]

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