The Full Breaking Dawn Trailer, Starring A Belly Full O' Vamp Fetus


Check your mail! You’re invited to a wedding. The bride is a girl who’s just graduated from high school, and the groom is a sparkly dude old enough to be her great-great-grandfather. At least one werewolf is on the guest list. A warning: The reception may not have vegetarian options. Yes, folks, this is the Twilight: Breaking Dawn Part 1 trailer. It features the wedding of Edward and Bella, Taylor Lautner doing what he does best*, the word “forever,” waterfalls, Rio’s Christ the Redeemer statue, implied honeymoon sex, and — dun dun dun — a vampire pregnancy!

In case you are unsure how you should feel about this trailer, take your cue from YouTube sensation nuttymadam3575, who has become famous for her over-the-top reaction videos. The one minute and fifty-nine second trailer reduced her to sobbing, but she bravely sniffles: “I’m gonna watch it again, and I’m going to try and be happy this time.” Cue lots of screaming. Don’t forget to turn your volume down.

Girl Loses It Over New Twilight Trailer [Buzzfeed]

*Not taking off his shirt. Scowling.

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