The Future of 3D: Ladies Being Sexy, Doing Lady Stuff


3D printing company Cubify will print and mail you a little 3D figurine of your own likeness for $64.99. Who isn’t narcissistic enough to want her own unique mini-me?

Unfortunately, ladies who aren’t nurses, sexy nurses, princesses, brides, “fashionistas” or really into wearing bikinis are pretty much shit out of luck here.

Women can choose between these categories: Sports (gymnast, sexXxy track and field athlete, “fitness enthusiast” in sports bra, bikini-clad surfer, stunningly fully-clothed soccer player), Costumes (sexy nurse, cowgirl, “superheroine,” princess), Jobs (Baywatch-y lifeguard, nurse, rock guitarist without a shirt on), and Occasions (the dubiously-named “fashionista,” evening dress, graduate, and three different brides.)

Men get 12 different sports options (nearly all with shirts on, imagine that), no “sexy” costumes, seven jobs (formula 1 driver, business man, doctor, rock guitarist, chef, lifeguard, photographer) and pretty much the same occasions, although all the grooms just look ambiguously dapper and there’s a “casual” option as opposed to “fashionista.” (Who is a pretty boring fashionista, if you ask me.)

Sure, we have more pressing issues to deal with (gender wage gap, paid sick leave, the cupcake debate) than 3D sexism, but why does this service have to be so sexist? Oh hey, here’s a competitor that isn’t!

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