The ‘Hot Ones’ Guy Reportedly Dropped ‘Da’ Bomb’ on His Girlfriend on Valentine’s Day

After things got a little too public over Super Bowl weekend, Sean Evans broke up with his girlfriend…on Valentine’s Day.

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The ‘Hot Ones’ Guy Reportedly Dropped ‘Da’ Bomb’ on His Girlfriend on Valentine’s Day

Did you have a shitty Valentine’s Day? My sincerest apologies but I think I have news that might just make you feel better. The Hot Ones host aka Sean Evans reportedly broke up with his girlfriend, Melissa Stratton, on Valentine’s Day. See! Whatever happened to you on V-Day seems that much more forgettable–unless that is, you, too, were broken up with by the Hot Ones guy yesterday.

On Thursday, news of the breakup became the stuff of fast and furious tabloid fodder, despite the fact that no one has ever previously expressed interest in Evan’s love life. According to reports, the host had been dating Stratton–a model and adult film star–since the end of 2023. The pair enjoyed a private romance that spanned several major cities, including Chicago, Los Angeles, and, as of last weekend, Las Vegas, where they celebrated the Super Bowl together. This is where things got messy, reports say.

According to outlets, the pair were spotted all over Sin City–shopping, dining, taking in the big game in a suite, etc. etc. Stratton, too, thoroughly documented the trip, posting selfies of her and Evans inside the Yves Saint Laurent store and at a club (peep Gordon Ramsay in the background). In any of Evans’ documentation of the trip, however, Stratton is markedly missing.

The weekend’s antics (and all the attention) became a bit much for Evans, who reportedly called Stratton on Valentine’s Day and ended things. That’s right. He broke up with her on the phone. According to reports, Evans wasn’t quite prepared to go so public with Stratton and apparently, she was shocked. Talk about dropping Da Bomb. I’m battling covid and I had a more painless Valentine’s Day.

So, given that Evans is back on the market, I guess he’s free to pursue that crush on Keke Palmer now…

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