The Ladies Of TLC's Big Sexy Say Not All Fat Girls Want To Be Skinny


Big Sexy, a new TLC show, attempts to show that “not all fat girls want to be skinny.” And that “it’s not easy, living in a super-skinny world.” All of the women involved work in fashion in some capacity, and seem to have varying levels of confidence and happiness. One woman says, “The last time I got laid, dinosaurs were roaming the earth.”

Unlike some scripted TV programs — Huge and Drop Dead Diva — this show won’t be about an writer putting words in an actor’s mouth but instead, real women dealing with real issues. Of course, this is one very specific, small subset of women, and they can’t be expected to speak for all plus-size women world-wide. And hopefully viewers won’t get the idea that this show “promotes obesity” (as a YouTube commenter accuses) or that plus-size women can only be friends with other plus-size women. But with all the super-slender “real” “housewives” and lithe young teen moms on reality TV right now, why not showcase some women whose bodies are closer to the national average? We’ll have to watch to figure out if the show is actually good or not, but one thing is for sure: The slogan, “once you go big, you never go twig” sends the wrong message.

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