The Latest Trailer for the Whitney Documentary Is Full of Songs, Tears, and Shit-Talking


The teaser for the estate-approved Whitney Houston documentary, Whitney, seemed like it wouldn’t be stacked with new revelations about the beloved singer. But the latest trailer offers a few more moments of reflection, sorrow, and shade.

Besides Houston’s drug use, the trailer also references her attempts to bolster Bobby Brown’s career at the expense of her own, and her friend and assistant Robyn Crawford. Will we actually get deeper insight into their rumored romantic relationship? Hard to know, but the film is at least addressing it. We also have some of the people closest to Houston trying to explain why she didn’t get more help. In his interview clip, former Epic Records CEO L.A. Reid claims, “I never knew there was any addiction.”

There are tears throughout the trailer from many. And even Houston gets to share new details in archival footage, including one in which she trashes Paula Abdul. “Paula Abdul ain’t shit,” Houston says. “That girl is singing off-key on the record.”

That’s the fun stuff, and there will hopefully be plenty more in a documentary about a woman who was so much more compelling than any of the tragedies in her life.

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