The Most, uh, Innovative Men’s Fashion at This Year’s Oscars

Pink satin on The Rock! Frederick Douglass chic on Jonathan Majors! And Everything Everywhere All at Once references...everywhere all at once!

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Image: Mike Coppola; Kevin Winter; Daniele Venturelli (Getty Images)

Everyone’s so creative! While in Oscars past, men could get away with (or, depending on one’s inclinations, were sentenced to) standard black tuxes, a new day has come in formal men’s fashion. And last night, the looks on Hollywood’s boldest and brightest stars on the red (or rather, champagne) carpet, during the Academy Awards ceremony, and especially at Vanity Fair’s after-party certainly were...something to look at! The Rock in pink satin! Director Daniel Kwan decked out in a reference to his seven-Oscar-winning movie Everything Everywhere All at Once! Jesse Rutherford dressed like a literal clown! The floodgates have opened and now men have nothing but options for formal wear. You know how it is, you let drag queens read to children and all of a sudden you’ve got guys showing up to the Oscars looking like Golden Girls or, at minimum, my aunt sitting at a slot machine in Atlantic City.

Some of these looks are great. Some of them are not. But looks they are, and we’ve rounded up some highlights from Sunday’s festivities for your looking pleasure.

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