The Naked Dudes of Magic Mike XXL Told Jimmy Kimmel Their Porn Names


Guess which one of these dudes is names Bunny Dixon?

Last night the cast of Magic Mike XXL assembled to promote their new film on Jimmy Kimmel Live! and spoke to Jimmy about several important things, namely how the movie got its title (Soderbergh, who directed the first movie and produced and “DPed” the sequel), what it was like to see each other naked, and what their porn names would be. Also waxing. It doesn’t appear in the clip above, but apparently each one of the dudes in this movie had to have their butts waxed while also starving themselves to keep their bodies in shape.

It was all baby oil-scented fun and games except when Matt Bomer said that his porn name (first pet name + name of street you lived on as a child) would be Dixie Eunice and that it would be the next film in the Magic Mike franchise, starring Caitlyn Jenner alongside Bomer and the rest of the crew. Most people in the audience probably thought they were being supportive, but it read like an inconsiderate dig.

Oh, and if you’re still wondering, Bunny Dixon was Joe Manganiello’s porn name. He was allergic to dogs so he had a bunny. The audience also thought this was hilarious, but it looks like very few of them realize what actual monsters rabbits are.

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